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The Winning Edge


We appreciate the support from teams!
The Winning edge is a voluntary posting.
If you have won an event using our products
and do not see your name, please contact us with the details!


Oinktoberfest Clarence, NY (50 teams competing)

Smokin' in the Igloo
Won: 4th Place Ribs using Wild Cherry Chips and Chunks with Bourbon Smokin' Dust® and 5th Place Pork using Sugar Maple and Wild Cherry chunks with Rum Smokin' Dust®
Swine Syndicate
Won: 5th Place Ribs using Wild Cherry and Hickory Blocks with Black Cherry Smokin' Dust® and 5th Place Beans using Wild Cherry and Hickory Chunks with Maple Smokin' Dust®. Also placed 4th in Ribs during the Backyard competition.
Good Smoke BBQ
Won: 4th Place Ribs in the KCBS contest and GRAND CHAMPION of the backyard event (1st Place Chicken Wings, 6th Place Sausage, 3rd Place Ribs, 2nd Place Beef, 1st Place Chili) using Black Cherry Smokin' Dust®.

Capital City Barbecue Cook-Off Tallahassee, FL

Huff~N~Puff BBQ
won: 4th Place Chicken using Sugar Maple and Peach Woodscuit® and 9th Place Brisket using Sugar Maple, Hickory, and Wild Cherry Chunks.


St. Catharine's BBQ Competition
St. Catharine's, ON
September 23,

Simcoe County Smokers - Won:2nd in Ribs, 4th in Brisket and 6th in Chicken. Woods used in competition included:Sugar Maple and Wild Cherry wood chunks, Woodscuits® Apple and Jamaican Rum infused.
Smokin' "EH" - Won:3rd in Ribs, 7th in Pork, 7th in Brisket and 8th in Chicken using Woodscuit® Flavor Infused.

Clarence, NY
September 30,

Pork Floyd BBQ Team - Won:3rd in Brisket with an Overall Ranking of 10th place using our Woodscuit®-Sugar Maple infused with Apple.
Dizzy Pig BBQ-Canada - Won:5th in Pork. Woods used included Sugar Maple, Wild Cherry wood chunks, Woodscuits®- Coconut, Jamaican Rum and, Apple infused.

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