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Wood chunks and chips can be used interchangeably during wood-fired cooking techniques including hot smoking. If you have a cooker that will allow the use of both products, than you can add flavour via both methods: 2-3 smoker wood chunks and a handful of smoking wood chips.  But another important use for wood chips is to generate heat. When the cooker begins to lose temperature, applying a handful or two of unsoaked wood chips to the existing charcoal will quickly raise the temperature of the cooker.  Many of us own more than one piece of grilling equipment.  Our Combo pack is an easy way to keep wood product available for both the gas/LP grill as well as the charcoal/wood smoker/grill or hybrid grill. Offered in two cartons sizes and up to 4 wood choices.


Full Combo $66.35 CAD
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The perfect all-in-one package: our Double Filet Wood Chunks and Grande Sapore® Wood Chips Wood burning BBQ is even easier with The Combo box.  Select your wood types from a menu of 8 hardwoods.  You can purchase up to 4 different hardwoods in a single package; 2 wood chips and 2 wood chunks!  That’s what SmokinLicious® is all about – choice!

With many of us owning more than one grill and/or smoker, you need more than one type of wood product.  Having a Combo box at hand, keeps you at the ready.  Plus, it makes for the perfect gift.

With two carton sizes available, you won’t need to store a lot of extra wood.  Each product is divided with cardboard and marked with ink stamps for easy identification.


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