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Want a cleaner burning, low ash producing, product that is better than standard charcoal on the market today? Then welcome to SmokinLicious® Charwood.  Our direct-method production is similar to the very popular Japanese style of charcoal making.  The benefits: we are a fraction of the cost of the Japanese product, we lite easier, and it’s made in the USA! SmokinLicious® Charwood is produced in our custom, direct-fired ovens. We take our smoking wood “Blocks” and we direct fire them to well over 426 degrees C until the outer shell is perfectly charred. We leave some non-carbonized natural wood in the center of the smoke wood “Blocks” to allow for the natural wood flavouring during the cooking process.  This is unique to the SmokinLicious® process.

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Charcoal and smoking wood in one product!  That’s the definition of Charwood. Ideal for commercial smoking equipment where there is a need for hot coals along with incorporating smoke vapor flavour.

Our special process allows us to produce small batch Charwood product from forest fresh wood material.  No filler or waste wood here!  This is a dense, large product for larger firebox equipment.  It is NOT ideal for the small kettle style grill.

Sold by the cubic foot carton.

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Small 1/4 cubic foot, Large 2/3 cubic foot, Serious 1 cubic foot

Wood Type

None, Alder, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Red Oak, Sugar Maple, White Oak, Wild Cherry


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