Grande Sapore® Smoker Wood Chips

$24.70 CAD - $45.76 CAD

The Grande Sapore® is the largest in our line of specialty smoker wood chips, made from the same forested, all-natural North American hardwood.  Grande Sapore® chips has a unique process – our distinct crushing process from specially sliced wedges of all natural, bark & chemical free heartwood, which produces the unique shapes.  This versatile production method simultaneously preserves moisture and the natural flavour of each hardwood species.  All these factors allow the release of the hardwood flavour for a superb smoky scent!


4-Pack Grande Sapore Variety Pack $25.49 CAD
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At SmokinLicious®, we can assure you that our smoker wood chips are 100% all hardwood and free of bark, chemicals and impurities!  It’s our standing commitment to excellence that we take very seriously – one which has earned both our manufacturing process and products Kosher quality certification.  There isn’t a higher mark of “quality” or cleanliness in the food industry!  We take great pride and only harvest forest fresh hardwood, then only use the center portion of the tree or the “heartwood” – no filler wood.   Our engineered process of dicing and pressing of hardwood produces 3 distinct sized smoker wood chips.


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