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SmokinLicious® Friction Logs - Smoke Generation Through Friction!

Hardwood which is pressed against a fast-rotating steel drum (or wheel) results in pyrolysis of the wood (heating of the wood without exposure to oxygen) in the favorable temperature range of 300°C to 400°C. The flame-less, light, dense and aromatic smoke contains a large proportion of desirable smoking substances and a low proportion of tars. As this type of smoke can be produced at relatively low temperatures, it does not carry high amounts of hazardous substances when a clean, low moisture, bark-free hardwood is used.

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"Friction logs"

We manufacturer our "Friction logs" in Oak, ( red or white), Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, Hickory, Ash, Alder and Beechwood

Available in any custom size for your application, or the standard sizes:

40 x 40 x 950mm
80 x 80 x 950mm
80 x 100 x 950mm

You'll experience a longer burn time with our logs, cleaner smoke, and greater flavor! Kick the firewood habit!! Go bark-free!! "Friction log"
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sold by pieces on a pallet

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All orders custom cut to meet your specifications.

Custom Moisture levels can be developed for your application.

Products carry USDA export certification.

Please call 1-800-941-5054,

or e mail us at info@smokinlicious.com for more information and pricing.

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