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About Our "Naturally" Organic Cooking Wood

In this world of choice, many people have adopted the lifestyle of purchasing foods and products that are "all natural" or organic-based. SmokinLicious® adheres to the philosophy of "all natural" by providing culinary quality wood products, cooking woods, that have never been exposed to chemical/pesticide spraying. We only harvest hardwoods from the trees of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania that are in their natural state - forest woods, left to mature on their own, without exposure to chemical contaminants and/or growth enhancers. Harvested as mature, well-formed trees for full flavor release during cooking whether using our Smokin Dust or Hickory chunks. From these trees, we select only the heartwood - the filet of the tree - to manufacture our wood-fired cooking woods. And yes, we participate in re-forestation and controlled thinning to aid in protecting our land and animals from fire risk and polluted atmosphere.


Uses only 100% bark-free, USDA compliant woods - allowing for shipments worldwide! Sourcing of woods variable with no guarantee of species OR consistent supply of purchased variety of wood
ONLY uses HARDWOODS - no softwoods, press woods,wood fillers, or discarded/waste woods Waste woods, mixed softwood and hardwood, potential for treated woods could be mixed in to their saleable products
NO diseased wood products ever used - We use the harvested trees within 3 months Often sells to multiple industries from the same website with no indication that the product used for "cooking" is any different than the product used to clean up spills! You never know how old that product is!
We only manufacture for the "cooking" industry Often these suppliers offer the same wood to industries like animal testing facilities, janitorial services (cleaning agent), sand blasting businesses, without any change in their manufacturing or sanitation procedures
Products are manufactured from forest grown trees so there is no concern for pesticide/chemical exposure May NOT be the manufacturer of the product, just a supplier, with no knowledge of where the wood comes from and if any chemicals have been used
Kosher certification ensures our clean processes - nothing ever touches an unclean surface Since the business focus may not be on cooking, the wood may have been left in a waste pile, with outdoor exposure, increasing the risk for pest infestation, absorption of chemical properties from the ground, and other contamination
We can customize the moisture level for the specific equipment and cooking technique - "no one moisture level fits all" concept Air or kiln drying of the wood depleting the moisture level to below 10% resulting in destruction of the organic compounds responsible for flavor, limiting the wood's use in cooking
A custom screening process of our wood chips that ensures the elimination of all wood flour (the cause of most equipment failures!) Wood chip product usually collected from a grinding operation that is collected outside, exposed to the elements, then scrapped up with heavy equipment bringing in dirt, dust, and anything else that came in contact with the pile

Wood fired cooking methods entail use of smoke vapor as wood combusts, imparting distinct flavor, aroma, and color. Wood Chunks or Wood Chips are distributed among the coals, placed on heat diffusers/flavor bars, or within a smoking box, tube, or foil pouch allowing for an enhanced flavor. When using a grill, the heat and smoke vapor from the wood slowly penetrates, reacts with the food's protein, and flavors and colors the cooking food item. The result - some of the best wood-fired food you will ever taste! Our Hickory chunks are always a good choice.

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Learn more about the natural wood we use in all our culianry wood products:

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