Smokinlicious Canada is a site dedicated to providing premier North American hardwoods to Canadian Grillers, Smokers and ember cooking chefs
We produce our smoker wood chips in three sizes: Grande Sapore® the largest; Minuto® middle sizes and Piccolo® the smallest. We fit any smoker!

Wood Chips for Smoking

All SmokinLicious® cooking and smoking wood products, are produced from select North American hardwoods, grown in New York and Pennslyvania

Buying wood chips for smoking should beg the question- “Just what are these chips made of?”  Wood of course; but can you be sure that they are the best wood chips for smoking? Will they produce abundant smoke which infuses flavour into your food! It’s your food, so you don’t want any “wood waste material” or other less than desirable additives included!




At SmokinLicious® Culinary Wood Products, we can assure you that our wood chips for smoking are 100% all hardwood and free of bark, chemicals or impurities!  It’s our standing commitment to excellence that we take very seriously- one which has earned both our manufacturing process and products Kosher quality certification.  There isn’t a higher mark of “quality” or cleanliness in the food industry!




Now, let’s speak about the milling process of our smoking wood chips – first, we take great pride and only harvest forest fresh hardwood, then only use the center portion of the tree or the “heartwood” (see our diagram) no filler wood.   Our process then involves our engineered process of dicing and pressing of hardwood into 3 distinct sized wood chips (see Menu).  SmokinLicious® follows a process like wine production - pressing and dicing to give you the best wood for smoking. Moisture rich “plum” pieces of wood, not some dried out “Prune”!  You’ll smell the difference, have a burn and smoke that truly makes for great flavour!




Now, you need to know “if our Smoker wood chips fit your equipment”?  Smokinlicious doesn’t believe in “a one size fits all!”, like others.  This is why we produce 3 sizes of culinary Wood chips for Smoking and 18 other types of wood pieces, chunks, blocks to work in synch with your equipment- don’t settle for anything less! The “right fit” will produce great smoke, burn efficiency and perfectly flavour your food!  Please, enjoy our pages to find the perfect fit for your BBQ smoking wood!  { I have further Questions link! }


Smokinlicious hardwood flavour chart to guide your smoking needs

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At SmokinLicious®, we only provide the heartwood of hardwoods, meaning our products are always free of resin, spores, and bark. Plus, we use woods that are ideal for wood-fired cooking techniques to balance the overall flavour infusion. The key to adding flavour to meats, poultry, fish even fruits and vegetables, is to use quality hardwoods. Be sure to follow us on social media to gain access to our vast wood fired techniques and recipes!

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  All wood-fired products for smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking. Only Forest Fresh wood used in all our products.