Smokinlicious Canada is a site dedicated to providing premier North American hardwoods to Canadian Grillers, Smokers and ember cooking chefs
Our Smoker log page outlines two types of smoker logs to fit any type of smoker unit, Full cut log the bigger with the Quarter cut log thinner.

Smoker logs “Family of products”

SmokinLicious® factors add up to exceptional wood-fired flavouring, long burn times, cost savings, and low ash production resulting in lower equipment maintenance.


The smoker logs are clean solid pieces of forest harvested  North American hardwood  “heartwood” that we reduce to the perfect moisture level for the best Smoking logs!


Attesting to our clean manufacturing processes, our manufactured smoker logs have earned Kosher certification. Additionally, we assure you that our smoking logs are manufactured from real North American hardwood NEVER from some by-product or waste product.


Our smoker logs are custom sized to fit YOUR equipment requirements!  Choose from our Smoker logs- Full Cut, cooking logs Quarter Cut (mini log) and the customized commercial Friction smoking logs.


All these species available to choose from:

Wild Cherry,


Sugar Maple,



Red and White Oak

Beechwood species.


By trying our smoker logs, you’ll “taste” first-hand the benefits of our Culinary logs in your cooking.


 If YOUR Equipment requires only wood for fuel, or has gas or electric ignition and requires wood for flavour-then, our Smoker logs or cooking logs will be a perfect fit!


Let SmokinLicious® help you begin your own wood-fired flavour journey on the way to enjoying all the benefits of 100% bark-free, chemical-free, “heartwood” of North American hardwood, served with our pride from this menu of premium smoker log “family” of products!


Smokinlicious is a Forest Fresh cooking wood manufacturer!  We select from Local Mills heartwood from recent cuttings in 8 species we produce
For accurate cutting Baker Products has delivered precision cutting since our inception. This assures our customers of accurate and square cuts.

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Canada Postal Ground Shipping (Continental USA) is Included in our Pricing (Average shipping time is 2-6 days).

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  All wood-fired products for smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking. Only Forest Fresh wood used in all our products.