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Log truck bringing the harvest out of the forest We believe the right wood can bring a flavour level to foods that make it an experience.  It starts at the clean source of our forest areas.  We partner with the best timber harvesters and hardwood processors who are committed to careful selection of non-diseased, untreated, forest grown, mature hardwoods.

This ensures your purchase will produce the cleanest, purest, and most flavourful result.  By using a cleaner wood you’ll use less product which means less upfront cost.

We know the source of the wood as well as the moisture level of every product we sell and are looking for others who believe in this importance.

Who do you know that believes the same?


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Smokinlicious® started business in 2005 by providing a handful of chip and chunk products to meet the initial needs of those who wanted to smoke with hardwood.  As we operated our manufacturing in the area known as “Hardwood Capital of the World”, we were shocked to learn that most of the other cooking wood supply options did not have the same commitment of quality, cleanliness and performance as our planned products.  The packaged wood looked dry, dirty, inconsistent in sizing, loaded with bark, not something enticing to cook with. We knew we could produce a better product line than what was currently available and give everyone the opportunity to cook with culinary quality products.

We tested our products on the competitive barbeque circuit throughout North America, we studied the equipment most competitors and home users used, and studied the scientific factors of the wood applicable to cooking and smoking foods.

For more than a decade, we’ve been listening to our customer’s comments, listening to the needs of our potential and existing commercial customers, visiting commercial smokehouse operations, and analyzing what’s missing in the market.

Since our start-up, we’ve gone from one size of wood chips to over eight options, three offerings of wood chunks, five sizes of heartwood logs, and over 15 flavours of our Smokin’ Dust® product, making SmokinLicious® the most innovative cooking wood supplier who also happens to manufacture every product.   We have the options to fit any equipment, our hardwoods are selected for their known flavour qualities, and we have the Team to answer your questions and act as guide as you navigate all things wood-fired.  Whether you hot smoke with commercial-grade equipment, a charcoal grill, or gas grill, whether you cold smoke with a stove top smoker, handheld food smoker, or cold smoke generator, whether you coal fire foods or use a brick or clay oven, we have the wood products for you to infuse smoke vapor, great color, and a taste like no other.

Welcome to the only manufacturer of bark-free, chemical-free, all-natural hardwoods from the USA!  Welcome to SmokinLicious®!

SmokinLicious® uses the heartwood of the tree which we have outlined  on our tree slice! The bark and outter rings are not used in our products!

The heartwood core that we utilize is shown within the square on this cut piece of tree.

"Pure flavour! No bark or other impurities!"

Smokinlicious is a Forest Fresh cooking wood manufacturer!  We select from Local Mills heartwood from recent cuttings in 8 species we produce
Smokinlicious products are grown, harvested and manufactured in the United States of America.

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logo for the Canadian culinary Association BVK stands for VA'AD HAKASHRUS OF BUFFALO the Kosher oversight agency for all Smokinlicious products.
American Culinary Federation logo - Smokinlicious culinary representatives have lectured on Smoking at the local, regional and National Meetings National Barbecue Association logo- Smokinlicious Representatives have lectured on Smoking with Wood at their national convention. British BBQ Association logo-Smokinlicious has worked with their representatives during past BBQ competiitions in the USA
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Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  All wood-fired products for smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking. Only Forest Fresh wood used in all our products.

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