SmokinLicious® Woodscuit® - Flavour Enhanced Wood

At SmokinLicious®, we've developed a unique process to impart flavorings into our gourmet hardwoods. As a result of our commitment to bring the best of, as well as a variety of flavoring to the wood-fired cook, we offer a range of flavorings that are compatible with an array of foods. This process allows the flavoring to be absorbed by the wood bringing the overall moisture content in excess of 40%. The entire process allows for customizing a desired flavor to the natural grilling or smoking process. The result - the Woodscuit® - a thin, flavor enhanced hardwood filet that can be added to the grill or smoker on its own, or in conjunction with our other gourmet wood chunks, blocks, chips, and heartwood logs. Hickory chunks are a great base for our flavour enhanced Woodscuit.

Our Flavour Enhanced Woods are only produced in small barrels, not in a large commercial facility! In fact, when you purchase the Woodscuit®, you become the owner of your own specialty soaking containers. Each Woodscuit® container contains the hardwood filet with your choice of 8 all-natural, FDA approved flavorings. Our flavor-ologists initiate each barrel soak and then transfer the product to individual soaking container for purchase. Now you can have premium hardwood filets pre-soaked in flavoring, ready for that next wood fired cooking event. The best part - any unused wood filets remains soaking in that wonderful natural flavoring, absorbing even more flavor! There is no expiration date on this product. Simply maintain the liquid level above the wood filets, store in a cool, sunless location, and enjoy!

We are proud to ensure that there are no chemical additives or growth enhancement toxins in our gourmet woods, an issue normally found in orchard-producing woods such as apple, peach, apricot, and grape. As a result of the large number of requests for pure citrus-flavored woods, the Woodscuit® was born. You will receive 3 separate containers of the 3 flavors you select! The perfect way to keep a variety of options available for your cooking needs! Bon-Bar-B-Q from SmokinLicious® Gourmet Wood Products!

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3-Pack Variety Woodscuit®
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Approximate Volume = 1 quart each

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